I simply want to introduce myself, but how…?

As a writer, I’ve had to write many bios, and if you’re like me, you read them back and think, “Gosh, that’s really me?” I don’t mean this in a conceited way (I don’t have any impressive credentials–yet), but simply that in less than a hundred words (actually more like fifty), I can pare down my entire existence. Yikes. Without sounding too dramatic, I hate that. How can someone’s life be as little as two or three sentences?

The answer is simple: it isn’t. We get to pick and choose the very words we use to describe ourselves, and often enough, those words are chosen for one purpose: to make ourselves appealing to whoever is going to read it (or buy it). So, we choose words that seem riveting and we try to make ourselves sound witty with our wordplay. 

And it isn’t our fault. Not really, at least. Twitter and Instagram place limits on the word space we have, so we have to choose our words wisely. We opt for the flashy and clever versus the soft and descriptive.  

But not here. Here, I want to be as terse or as pedantic and rambling as my heart desires. I want to explore what’s hidden within those two or three sentences. I want to expand my existence–not shrink it.

I want this website to be a virtual old-timey armchair and fireplace. I want us to be able to sit down and listen with enraptured attention. In this metaphor, we are each simultaneously the listener and the storyteller.

So, settle in, grab your coffee (or tea), and prepare yourself. It’s time to get writing!