PREMONITION (The Anima Trilogy, #1)

Available in both Kindle and paperback editions!

Some darkness exists that not even the sun can illuminate.

In a future deeply divided between two magical sects, seventeen-year-old Lilah Crowne prepares for what ought to be a surefire win in the annual competition for warriors–until an unexpected encounter sends her world reeling. Narrowly escaping death, Lilah must find a power strong enough to stop Alessandra Hilt, a revolutionary feared for her prowess. In order to defeat Alessandra, though, Lilah must hone her growing abilities and learn to control them. But when she discovers the unsettling truth behind the woman’s hunt, Lilah embarks down a spiraling and alluring path of darkness. Will Lilah not only lose herself but everything she holds dear or will her new and unlikely allies keep her on the right path?

Premonition, the first book of The Anima Trilogy, is a coming of age tale with enough dagger-filled adventure, betrayal, and magical trickery to keep your pulse racing beyond the turning of the last page. For teen or adult fans of the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series.

BOUND (The Anima Trilogy, #2)

Available in both Kindle and paperback editions!

To rise, first she must fall.

Six months after taking an instructor position at her alma mater, Lilah Crowne is poised to reap an easy life, her reward for victory at the Ludi. When a member of the Order visits her with an unexpected request, however, Lilah dives back into the shadows to fight for justice . . . but justice doesn’t always come at the end of a dagger. Reuniting with her bound ally, Caleb Addison, Lilah sets out on a mission that takes them across the globe. But when new challenges threaten to defeat them, how far will Lilah go to protect those dear to her? As Lilah gets closer to the truth, her strength is tested against the rising enemy within.