Copyediting Services

Certified through Writer’s Digest University, let me use my editing knowledge and skills to take your manuscript to the next level to give your readers the best experience!

So, you wrote a book. Now what?

Let me help you take your book to the next stage in order to give your readers the best and most enjoyable experience!

Developmental Editing

Is your manuscript in its beginning phases? Do you need help untangling the plot or filling in character arcs? If so, then this is the type of editing your manuscript might benefit best from! Instead of looking at the micro-details of each sentence, the goal with developmental editing is to look at the manuscript on a macro scale.

Line Editing

Is your manuscript nearly ready to published? Have you put in the work with both the plot and the characters and now need someone to look at the finer details of the writing itself? If so, then line editing might be just what your manuscript needs! Line editing involves breaking down the material line by line, paragraph by paragraph. It covers things like consistency, style, and of course, grammar.


Maybe your manuscript has passed through several hands and now you need someone to put those finishing touches on it; thus, proofreading is what your manuscript needs! The goal of proofreading is to pick those little mistakes out that have gone unseen. Maybe you have a line break with the and it has a duplicate on the next one, or a name isn’t capitalized. Proofreading ensures those kinds of silly mistakes aren’t visible in your final manuscript.

Free Evaluations

Have you read through the descriptions and still feel lost? Unsure which option you should take? Before you commit, I will give you a free evaluation. Send me the first chapter and I will do my best to help you decide which kind of editing your manuscript would benefit best from.


As a self-published author myself, I know that pricing can be a huge burden when it comes to editing. Let me work with you to ensure that pricing doesn’t block you from getting what your manuscript deserves.

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